Lucic signed jersey with “Flames suck” written under his signature

Not the smartest move...

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It has been quite the adjustment for veteran forward Milan Lucic, who was traded from the Edmonton Oilers this summer and landed with the Calgary Flames. 

Though the tough guy made a huge statement fighting in his first game with his new team last week, it seems like he cannot manage to get on the scoresheet. In two games with Calgary, Lucic has no points and put up a -1 rating… 

Fans on Reddit decided to kick him when he’s down, posting footage of an older video that shows Lucic signing an Oilers jersey with “Flames suck” written under his signature. 

It wasn’t the best idea seeing that fans are now criticizing him for it, but you have to admit that at the time, it was expected from an Oilers player to fire shots at their rivals in front of fans. 

Maybe he thought he would end his career in Edmonton? (That was clearly before all the trade demands and rumours started to pop up, right?) 

Let’s hope his sentiment has changed and he can finally contribute to his new team and learn to love the Flames!