MacKinnon blows off paparazzi says, “I’m not famous enough for TMZ!”

Fake news, Big Nate! You’re more famous than any NFLer or NBAer in my books!

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It’s not often that NHL players get hounded by the paparazzi and covered by tabloid news outlets like TMZ, but when you’re a superstar like Nathan MacKinnon things are different. Kinda…

The Colorado Avalanche forward was approached by TMZ in New York just yesterday as he and his teammates prepare for games against the New York Islanders and New York Rangers.

The funny thing is, MacKinnon seemed shocked that the paparazzi would be interested in him and even said, “I’m not famous enough for TMZ!” 

Check it out:

Oh, Nate. You’re famous enough in our eyes. You’re an absolute STUD on the ice and you put most “famous” athletes to shame. Chin up, bud.