Malkin responds to allegations of legal problems amidst Russian crypto-currency scandal

“It’s garbage for me,” says the Russian superstar.

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In case you missed the news earlier today, according to a report from Russian hockey insider Aivis Kalnins, Pittsburgh Penguins superstar Evgeni Malkin could find himself in “serious legal issues” regarding a failed $4 million investment in a Russian crypto-currency scheme.

Check out this chain of events, courtesy of Kalnins:

Interestingly enough, this report seems to have uncovered the fact that Malkin also has American citizen ship. 

Suffice it to say though, this is NOT good news for Malkin and the Penguins organization. Malkin, who has been the majority of the early season due to injury has now responded to today's allegations in a conversation with Penguins reporter Seth Rorabaugh.

Check it out:

Here are some highlight's from Rorabaugh's report:

“No, forget it.” Malkin said. “Garbage. I don’t like that, you know.
“I don’t want like this right now. It’s garbage for me. I knew I’m a good guy. I don’t know what to say about that. A little like bit crazy this morning for me. I know it’s nothing bad for me.”

Alrighty then... nothing fishy there, right?

On the ice, the 33 year old Malkin has had a rough start to the 2019-20 season. He was injured in just the second game of the season after falling awkwardly. The Penguins have gone just 6-4 in his absence and it's clear that his presence has been missed. The good news is that he reportedly did practice with the team this morning and appears ready to return to the team's lineup ahead of schedule. 

Malkin is coming off a rather disappointing 21 goal and 72 point campaign last season, which doesn't sound too bad but given his usual production it's a bit underwhelming.

Malkin put up 42 goals and 98 points in the 2018-19 season and spoke at length this past offseason about his desire to get back to those levels of production. Here's hoping that these looming legal issues don't deter him from his goal.