Maple Leafs Brendan Shanahan sets social media on fire!

A major slip up from the Leafs president?

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The Toronto Maple Leafs president has just set social media on fire.

Everyone who follows the National Hockey League has heard the speculation surrounding the possibility of Tampa Bay Lightning captain leaving his team as a free agent, and signing with the Maple Leafs. While there was certainly a lot of smoke surrounding these rumors, Brendan Shanahan may have just revealed the fire.

Shanahan, who only has 3 total likes on his twitter account, recently got caught liking a tweet talking about how the acquisition of the first overall pick would increase the odds of Stamkos coming to Toronto, as the move now makes more sense for both parties involved. 

It was repoter Scott Wheeler of the Toronto Sun who caught Shanahan in the act.


It gets better, after Shanahan realized he had been caight, he attempted to quickly remedy the situation by unliking the tweet, but Wheeler had already captured a picture of the situation, and now that move makes it look even more suspicious.


Stamkos to Toronto?