Maple Leafs have acquired Blue Jackets captain Nick Foligno.

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The Toronto Maple Leafs and general manager Kyle Dubas have pulled off what is arguably the biggest trade leading up to the deadline thus far.

According to a breaking news report from National Hockey League insider Elliotte Friedman, the Leafs have acquired veteran forward Nick Foligno, now the former captain of the Columbus Blue Jackets.

It sounds like the move has come at a hefty price for the Leafs however, with Toronto reportedly giving up a first round draft selection as well as a pair of fourth round draft selections in order to get the deal done. 

It would appear as though the San Jose Sharks in this trade as well, with the Leafs only paying a total of 25% of Foligno's current salary, likely meaning that this trade will closely resemble the one that was made between the Lightning and the Blue Jackets on Saturday.

Stay tuned for the full details as we will provide them once they become available.

Update: The Leafs have now officially announced the trade and we can bring you the full details. 


In this trade the Leafs have acquired both the aforementioned Foligno as well as forward Stefan Nosen, Nosen comes as part of the trade with the Sharks. 


The Blue Jackets will receive Toronto's first round draft choice in 2021 as well as a fourth round draft selection in 2022. 


The Sharks on the other hand will receive Toronto's fourth round draft pick in 2021.

Although not officially announced by the Leafs, it has been reported that Toronto is only taking on 25% of Foligno's salary. I presume this means that both Columbus and San Jose have retained the maximum allowable amount of 50% of Foligno's contract in this trade.