Marchand stole teammate's celebration idea at the Winter Classic

That's Marchy for you...

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The Boston Bruins worked a lot on their goal celebrations prior to the 2019 Winter Classic, and it was a great idea seeing that they won the contest 4-2 over the Chicago Blackhawks on Tuesday. 

However, while players discussed different ideas for celebration, a few stuck around and were noticed during the contest. In the first period of Boston’s victory, Bruins right wing David Pastrnak scored on a power play and proceeded to hit the LeBron James stomp celebration. Take a look:

After the game, Marchand clowned Pastrnak by saying that he was thrown off by the celebration and remarking that Pastrnak and James were obviously similar, per Matt Porter of the Boston Globe.

"I was a little thrown off. I've never seen him do that before. Well, Pasta and LeBron are very similar."

However, Marchand also caught the attention of reporters when he was said to have stolen teammate Jake DeBrusk's idea for a victory celebration. Marchand celebrated the big win with a snow angel, maybe inspired by Lonie Paxton, the former New England Patriots long snapper who did two snow angels after their playoff and Super Bowl XXXVI wins in 2002. 

According to Amalie Benjamin of the Boston Globe, it was DeBrusk's idea. The young player told Benjamin he wasn't mad at Marchand, and of course, his reputation had warned him about this. 

"That's Marchy."

Marchand has another story on the celebration, stating that someone yelled out the idea of the snow angel. Could it have been DeBrusk? 

"Someone was yelling at me to do a snow angel, so [I] figured [I'd] take in every last minute," Marchand said after the game, per "Toward the end of the game, you realize it's coming to an end, and you just want to stay out there and enjoy it."

Having missed the 2016 Winter Classic before of a suspension, Marchand was thrilled to be able to take part in the 2019 edition. So we can forgive from stealing DeBrusk's idea, if it was indeed the case...