Marner's grandmother calls newsroom to complain about TSN’s Jeff O’Neill

​The entire Marner family is getting way too involved in his career…

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It’s great to know that young players are getting the support of their family throughout their career in the National Hockey League, but there should be a limit. 

When Mitch Marner was dealing with the tedious contract dispute with the Toronto Maple Leafs, his father Paul enjoyed the stage a bit too much and was heavily involved in the negotiations. 

Thankfully, it all came to a happy ending with a contract extension both parties could agree upon, however on Tuesday, one member of the Marner family believed she needed to get involved some more with the young man’s career. 

On the air of TSN 1050, Dave Feschuk claimed that the Toronto Star newsroom got a call from Marner’s grandmother. She asked for Jeff O’Neill’s phone number so she could tell him off.

TSN’s Jeff O’Neill often commented during the contract impasse that the Maple Leafs needed to put their foot down and say enough is enough. The TSN panelist is quite vocal and often brings interesting twists and opinions to stories. 

And clearly, it doesn’t sit well with Marner’s grandmother… 

We still don’t know for sure if the story is true, but gosh we surely hope it is!