Mat Barzal makes questionable comments on his future with the Islanders

​He might pull a John Tavares, check it out:

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Mathew Barzal is now the future of the New York Islanders. The young player has stepped up ever since former captain John Tavares chose to test the free agency market last summer and signed with the Toronto Maple Leafs. And while many believe the star forward won’t pull a contract holdout next summer when he will become a restricted free agent, his latest comments on the 31 Thoughts podcast on Sportsnet have raised a few eyebrows in Brooklyn. 

You will get why...

While talking about his tenure with the Islanders, the 22-year-old mentioned his desire to play in the postseason. His comments made it sound like he could be after playing for a contender in the long run, and the Islanders might have to prove to Barzal they can be that club. 

“All I want to do now is play in the playoffs. Get back there and that’s where I want to be as a player. You don’t want to be nine years in and you’ve only made the playoffs two times.”

Let’s all remember that Tavares only performed in the postseason three times in his nine-year tenure with the Islanders. And nobody seemed able to understand his desire to sign back home where he clinched a playoff spot in his first year with the Leafs… 

Barzal might have to learn to be more patient, but there are encouraging in Brooklyn for the Islanders. Last spring, they eliminated the Pittsburgh Penguins in just four games of the first round series.

Barzal and his teammates can always build from there…