Matthews agrees with Marchand, who trolled the Leafs!

Interesting comments from Marner's teammate...


You all know what he said, and we all know Brad Marchand felt the need to chime in. After the Toronto Maple Leafs’ victory over the Calgary Flames on Monday night, the NHL’s PR team tweeted out a stat that Mitch Marner is the eighth player in franchise history to hit the 80 point mark in 66 or fewer games.

This prompted Marchand to reply with his prediction for Marner’s next deal:

We all know that Leafs general manager Kyle Dubas has his work cut out for him with Marner’s extension this upcoming offseason.  But the GM is not about to get all flustered by Marchand’s comments. 

However, some of Marner’s teammates were asked about his Twitter post, and Auston Matthews had quite a surprising answer to it, he who was able to sign a lucrative extension with Toronto before the end of the season. 

“As far as the tweet, I mean, it’s pretty funny. I’m sure, like you said, kind of half of half there with stirring the pot and a lot of truth behind it,” said Matthews, according to TSN

Teammates John Tavares and Nazem Kadri were more careful with their respective reaction. 

“Well, that’s Marchy’s kind of personality. I mean, realistically, its really got no effect on anything,” said Tavares. 

“Knowing Brad a little bit through my times playing with him, that’s a little bit of his personality. He likes to mix it up, I think certainly in his play, but, like I said, it’s really nothing you worry about. It’s something you chuckle at and just move forward.”

“It’s just him being him and he likes to make those controversial comments, but it is what it is. I think he appreciates the talent Mitch has and so do a lot of people,” added Kadri, per TSN

The focus is now mainly on Marner for the Leafs’ list of priorities this offseason. A $12 million annual deal might be a stretch, but Marner could reasonably command something in the $10 million per season range. 

As of now, Marner prefers to focus on playing and while the Leafs and Bruins do not meet again in the regular calendar, they could face off once again during the postseason…