McDavid responds to comments from Flames captain Mark Gioradano.

McDavid responds.

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Calgary Flames captain Mark Giordano might be public enemy number one right now as far as the Edmonton Oilers fan base is concerned, but it seems that perhaps that anger may be misplaced. 

Giordano of course has become the most hated man in Edmonton due entirely to the fact that he was the man behind the serious looking injury suffered by Edmonton Oilers superstar forward Connor McDavid on Saturday night. Giordano was attempting to stop a streaking McDavid from getting to the Flames net but would end up tripping him instead, causing McDavid to crash hard into the Calgary Flames net. Although initially it looked like McDavid had suffered a rather terrible looking injury, including reports that he had to be escorted out of the building in a wheelchair, it now seems as if he has avoided the worst of it. 

Following the incident on Saturday night Giordano was swarmed by reporters looking for him to comment on the injury to McDavid. Not only did Giordano answer at the time, he also seemed genuinely remorseful about the fact that he had injured the best player in the game. 

"I feel terrible, again, I tried to obviously dive and get the puck and you never want to see, he's the best player in the game, so we need him in the game and tried to find out how he's doing out there and you're not going to get much from them, they're pretty mad about it and I understand that."

"I honestly thought I could get that puck and I dove for it, and watching the replay I missed it and stick sort of trips him. He’s obviously a great player and it was tough, I was trying to ask him right away. He was in a lot of pain there so he wasn’t saying much. Obviously with the result being what it is, if I had to do it all over again you’d almost want to see myself let him go and not injured him, but easy to say after the fact, so I’m going to ask around and hopefully get an answer and see if he’s doing alright."

"Hopefully it’s better than it looked because it looked like he wasn’t doing well there. Obviously my intention was to just get the puck. He’s a player, I’m not trying to do any dirty play on him and trying to play a one-on-one, really."

Well as it turns out Giordano was able to find McDavid after the game and, according to McDavid himself, went out of his way to apologize for the incident that took place on Saturday. A classy move from Giordano to be sure, and when he was asked to comment on it McDavid responded with equal grace.

“(I was) just trying to make a play on the net and get tripped up, but you can’t fault Giordano for trying to make a play on the puck,” McDavid said as per the Calgary Herald.

“He came around and was really nice and just said ‘I feel bad’ and whatnot,” McDavid said. “I appreciate that. Like I said, he was just trying to make a play on the puck.”

Perhaps these comments from their captain will help calm some of the angry fans in Edmonton, then again perhaps McDavid is actually quite angry but was just trying to be the class act that he always is.