Mike Fisher: A true hero to one very special fan

If this doesn’t make you tear up, you may not have a heart.

Mike Fisher: A true hero to one very special fan

In the wake of Nashville Predators captain Mike Fisher’s retirement fans and teammates are coming forward to share their favorite moments from the veteran NHLer’s career. But, Dean Brown, play-by-play announcer for the Ottawa Senators shared a truly heartbreaking and heartwarming story from Fisher’s days with the Senators.

Check it out:

I've done several interviews today since Mike Fisher announced his retirement from Pro Hockey. I had a front row seat for the first 675 games of his career so you get calls from people doing talk shows who want to hear about the early years. Funny thing is, I don't remember any particular play or goal. My most vivid and enduring memory of Mike during his playing days in Ottawa was the day Elgin Fraser got to skate like the wind. I still to this day cry every time I tell this story.
Elgin Fraser was a little boy who was only a few years old and had only a few months to live. Chris and Erin Phillips arranged for him and his family to come to the rink one day to meet all the players and watch practice. After a lot of goofing around, playing floor hockey in the locker room, getting the big tour, Mike asked if he wanted to go for a skate. Elgin couldn't skate himself so Mike gathered him in his arms and went for a careful lap around the ice. Elgin's face , the sheer joy, brought a tear to everone's eye. Elgin wanted to go again, so Mike went again. More shrill laughs and again the face...always his face told you everything. Elgin wanted Mike to go one more time but this time, as fast as Fisher could skate. Mike's top speed is high end even amongst NHLers.
Mike looked at Elgin's parents. What if I catch an edge, what if I fall, what if he gets hurt. His parents both had tears in their eyes. They didn't want to say the words out loud that he would be gone in only a few months and taking a risk so that their boy could feel for the first and only time in his life what Mike Fisher fast is...well....they just said GO.
Mike made a quick little loop in front of the bench to get some momentum and then hit the gas. The sound of Elgin screaming and laughing in pure joy is a sound I will never forget. Elgin got his wish. It was a gift that can't be bought and can't be duplicated.
A few months later, Elgin passed away. Mike and Chris Phillips were pallbearers at the funeral. Not many 3 year olds touch the hearts of that many people, but Elgin and his fantastic spirit did.
When I think back on Mike Fisher's career I think of a great player and a wonderful man who granted a little boy the perfect wish. 

To that little boy, Elgin Fraser, Mike Fisher was a real-life superhero. Kudos on a great career, Mike and even bigger kudos for being a great human being!