Minnesota's lack of offense cost them again, loses to New Jersey.

Details inside.

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The Minnesota Wild had one its worst game at home this season and lost the New Jersey Devils 2-1.

Zach Parise score the lone goal for the Wild, his 16th of the season. This goal means that Parise has now scored on every team in the NHL, including the team that drafted him in the first round.

Head coach Mike Yeo wasn't pleased with his team's effort, especially the lack of offense:

"We had shot opportunities that we decide that there might be a better play, and then we try to make four more passes to get the puck back at the same spot to try and shoot it again," Wild coach Mike Yeo said. "We had the mindset that we were going to try to look for a better opportunity and along the way we lost more than we had."

Parise also went in the same direction as his coach did:

"Seven shots after two periods in your own rink against a team that, no disrespect to them, but they got a lot of guys injured, a lot of minor league players are playing for them, it's not good enough," Parise said. "We want to catch Chicago. We want to catch St. Louis. We can't come out and play like that."

It was a disappointing night for the Wild, especially after beating the Western conference leaders, the Dallas Stars.

The Wild's next game will be on Tuesday, when the Buffalo Sabres will be in St-Paul.