More firings coming to Chicago!

​After John McDonough was fired, who’s next?

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The Chicago Blackhawks fired team president John McDonough on Monday, which came as a surprising move for the franchise. 

However, it seems like fans should get ready for more as team insider Mark Lazerus of The Athletic wonders if general manager Stan Bowman and head coach Jeremy Colliton will be next. 

Lazerus believes that a lot of moves that have been criticized by fans in the past years were done by McDonough, and maybe someone else should pay for them…

“But did McDonough hand a 30-year-old Brent Seabrook a roster-buckling eight-year contract worth $55 million? No, Bowman did. Did McDonough trade away Artemi Panarin as part of a knee-jerk reaction to one bad week against Nashville in the 2017 playoffs? No, Bowman did. Did McDonough misuse a rare chunk of cap space the past two summers on middling and/or injury-prone veterans? No, Bowman did. Did McDonough try, midseason, to install a convoluted defensive system that was basically the polar opposite of what the Blackhawks had been running for years? No, Colliton did. Has McDonough been unable to take the Blackhawks out of the running for “worst defensive team in the league” over the last two years? No, Colliton has.”
We now wonder if the Hawks will get more firings done before the end of the season, or even before the 2019-20 calendar resumes. While Lazerus can understand if Chicago chooses to keep Bowman until the end of his contract or if the team keeps Colliton because he is well-liked by players, but he still wonders why McDonough has been the only one to lose his job. 

“But it’s awfully difficult to make a case for firing McDonough and nobody else.

Does this mean we should expect more firings in Chicago?