More players are expected to come out with abuse stories across the league!

The NHLPA prepares for major fallout… Ready for more?!

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Players across the National Hockey League and beyond are finding their voices. It all started in Toronto when it was revealed that former Maple Leafs  head coach Mike Babcock forced a 19-year-old Mitch Marner to make a list of all the players on the team, singling out the players who he viewed had the worst work ethic.

Since the incident was made public, many have denounced Babcock, condemning the former head coach for putting Marner through such an ordeal and even accused Babs of trying to put his players against one another.

On top of that came the awful story in Calgary: head coach Bill Peters has been accused of making racist remarks at former player Akim Aliu during the 2009-10 season with the Rockford IceHogs of the AHL. It was even revealed by former Hurricanes player Michal Jordan that there were “multiple” physical altercations between Peters and players in Carolina during his time behind the team’s bench. 

Because of these stories coming out, Bob McKenzie expects more players to come out and speak their truth. So much that the NHLPA is bracing itself for a major fallout following the incidents involving Babcock and Peters.

“One leads to another to another. I guess what I would say now is as we look at this, are they going to be more stories, about more teams, in more leagues all over. The genie is out of the bottle.”

Darren Dreger added on the segment of Insider Trading on TSN that the NHLPA is trying to convince players to contact the association before they go out and reveal their issues. 

“The NHL Players’ Association has a stake in this process as well, I know that the NHLPA and the NHL have discussed the Bill Peters situation. The NHLPA has dealt with clubs and players related problems historically speaking and the PA expects that perhaps there could be other issues that will be reported through social media or otherwise in the very near future. Now, the PA would of course rather that a player if he is being mistreated, would rather that player go to the NHLPA directly, but what is more clear now than ever before is that young players do have a voice.”

But we all know how it is nowadays. People like to share the experience on social media to denounce injustice and let others know they are not alone. Wouldn’t the NHLPA want to let their players share their truth as they wish? 

Anyways, former NHLer Dan Carcillo is certain more stories are to come.