Most stressed NHL fan bases revealed

Where does your fanbase rank?


You know, there are only 32 National Hockey League teams on Earth, and millions across the world have pledged their allegiance to one (or perhaps more for the fickle fan) of those clubs.

And just as it is with any professional sports franchise, there will be varying levels of confidence that fan base has in the way their preferred team is ran. Naturally, there will always be teams that have enjoyed greater success than others, leaving fans of other not-so-great teams with an understandable case of envy. 

And as is the case with human nature, our fandom sometimes leads to added stress within our lives - especially for franchises who can never seem to get it right. But which of the 32 franchises has the most stressed-out fan base? 

Aggregate site NHLBreakers recently released the complete list from top to bottom of hockey's most stressed out fans, according to a Bet US study. The top five results are Canadian heavy: 

1. Oilers

2. Rangers

3. Blues

4. Jets

5. Canucks

Take a look at the full list below: