Must See: Bridgestone NHL fastest skater winner!

And the fastest skater in the NHL is...

Must See: Bridgestone NHL fastest skater winner!

While Dylan Larkin wasn't an all-star selection this year and couldn't defend his record (13.172 seconds) we were still excited to see how Connor McDavid would do in this challenge.

The rules:

Two players from each team tested their speed, facing off against an opponent in a two-skater race. The race track for the head-to-head match-ups is the border of the rink split in half lengthways. Timing devices recorded each skater to determine the winner of each match. If a race ends in a tie, each of the teams were awarded one point. The skater with the fastest time in the head-to-head match-ups skated a full lap of the outside border of the rink, in the direction of their choosing, in an attempt to break Dylan Larkin's record.

The matchups:

Atlantic Division vs. Metropolitan Division

Marchand vs. Atkinson

Kucherov vs. Simmonds

Central Division vs. Pacific Division

Tarasenko vs. Horvat

MacKinnon vs. McDavid

Congrats to Connor McDavid and here's his performance!