Must See: Kings' Zatkoff pays homage to Felix Potvin with new mask

Possibly the coolest mask in the entire NHL?

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Los Angeles Kings netminder Jeff Zatkoff has a history of paying homage with his mask designs. When he was with the Pittsburgh Penguins, he famously wore a mask that paid tribute to Pens legend Tom Barrasso. Now with the Kings, Zatkoff looked into the past at his favourite player growing up, former Kings goalie and Toronto Maple Leafs legend Felix Potvin.

Check out Zatkoff’s new lid with the iconic Felix “The Cat” design courtesy of  Sylvie Marsolais:

Notice how the paint changes color? This is due to the Sub-Zero paint used by artist Sylvie Marsolais. We love it! We just wish more NHLers went with classic designs like this, some of the old school designs just can’t be beat.