Must See: Laine executes perfect saucer pass to Ehlers, gives great quote postgame

This was beautiful

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Patrik Laine was on fire Monday night against the Calgary Flames, racking up five points to lead his team to a dominant 5-2 victory.

One of his best plays on the night was a perfect saucer pass that landed right on the tape of Nikolaj Ehlers. 

Ehlers wasn't able to finish the play, but Laine didn't give him a hard time after the game.

Th question starts at 2:10 as Laine is asked if he gave Ehlers a hard time for not finishing the play.

He answers, "I think last year he didn't score many goals from the breakaway and a lot of guys were chirping on him, so I don't want to take out his confidence before the season starts."

Laine and Ehlers didn't combine for a goal on that play, but they're sure to combine for many in the coming years.