Must see: NHL player escaped death!

Classic hockey player style

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Detroit Red Wings David Booth opened up about a story he never speaked of before in an interview with Sportsnet Dan Murphy. Last summer, still without a contract, Booth accepted an invitation to the Anaheim Ducks training camp, on a professional tryout, one day before camp opens. Booth was in Kelowna at the time, and he had to find how to get to South California for the next day. The good thing is that Booth is a pilot, and he knew he could make it on time with his plane. 

So, that's what he did. He jumped in his Piper Malibu, and everything was going just fine, until he flew into clouds over the mountains. 

“I wanted to get above the clouds because I was picking up ice. I was messing with the alternate air. You don’t get as much power when you put on alternate air, but you need alternate air because the primary air will freeze up because of all the moisture in the clouds.

“I didn’t think I was that thick in the clouds. They were just patchy so I figured I’d keep it in primary air so I can get better climb and get above the clouds quicker. But then you hit one set of clouds that has a lot of moisture and it just goes.”

By it, Booth means the engine. He was flying at 18,00 feet, dealing with turbulence, without an engine. He asked flight control where was the nearest airport he could land to, the answer was Winnemucca, 60 miles ahead. He wasn't sure he could make it, so he tried to sent a text to his wife. 

While he was flying at a lower attitude, Booth's engine finally started working again, and he decided to keep going for the next 30 minutes.

After all, he still had to attend Ducks training camp. He didn't made the team, and he finally spent the season in the KHL.

Hockey players are hockey players! They'll do anything to play one more day in the NHL, and that's exactly what Booth did.