Must See: Oilers fans accuse Gretzky of giving boozy intermission interview

On a scale of 0-99 how drunk do you figure The Great One was last night?

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You can excuse Edmonton Oilers fans if they’re hitting the bottle a little harder this season. With so much hype and excitement to start the 2017-18 campaign, Oilers fans were hopeful that their team would be able to make another playoff run following last season’s appearance. Since captain Connor McDavid’s opening night hat trick though, there hasn’t been much to cheer for in Edmonton.

As a result, many Oilers fans have drowned their sorrows… looking for answers at the bottom of a brown bottle. But… don’t feel bad boozy Oilers fans, The Great One is right there with you!

Between periods last night of the Oilers and Los Angeles Kings game, The Great One himself Wayne Gretzky gave an interview with Sportsnet host Gene Principe. Dozens of Oilers fans on social media accused Gretzky of being a little… well, see for yourself:

Have another one, Wayner! The Oilers are driving us to drink too!

In all seriousness, who knows what Gretzky’s state was during this interview, but with the way things have gone this season we wouldn’t blame him for hitting the bottle. We’re right there with ya, bud…

Drunk or not, Oilers fans had a great time online with the "Drunk Gretzky meme":