Must See: The top 50 ranked players in NHL 18

Forget the positional rankings, this is it! The very best of the best in EA Sports latest edition of the NHL series.

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The annual release of EA Sports’ NHL series is something of a holiday for video game hockey lovers. Even the sport’s biggest stars have admitted to playing the game in their spare time and have made it no secret that they take note of their overall player rankings. 

With that in mind and with EA Sports releasing its list of the top 50 ranked players in NHL 18, who among the group is likely to be miffed by their ranking? 

Take a peek at the Top 10:

10 John Tavares - New York Islanders - 90 overall
9 Steven Stamkos - Tampa Bay Lightning - 91 overall
8 Drew Doughty - Los Angeles Kings - 91 overall
7 Patrick Kane - Chicago Blackhawks - 91 overall
6 Erik Karlsson - Ottawa Senators - 91 overall
5 Alex Ovechkin - Washington Capitals - 92 overall
4 Carey Price - Montreal Canadiens - 92 overall
3 Evgeni Malkin - Pittsburgh Penguins - 92 overall
2 Sidney Crosby - Pittsburgh Penguins - 93 overall
1 Connor McDavid - Edmonton Oilers - 93 overall
For the full 50, check out the list from EA Sports.

What do you think? Are these ratings pretty accurate? If not, what do you take issue with?