Muzzin challenges his Leafs teammates ahead of big game against Bruins

The veteran blueliner steps into a leadership role.

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In case you missed it last night, the Toronto Maple Leafs dropped an OT decision to the Columbus Blue Jackets last night, after Blue Jackets forward Gustav Nyquist buried a penalty shot winner in the extra frame.

Check it out:

The Leafs did manage to earn a single point in the contest, but they dug a hole for themselves early in the first period by going down 2-0 before surging back to tie things up. Still, it’s not good enough and the team has to be better defensively says veteran blue liner Jake Muzzin. 

Check out Muzzin’s comments post-game from yesterday evening:

You know what? He’s 100% right.

The Leafs are blessed with a ton of offensive weapons, but a strong defensive game with players who are committed to playing a strong game in their own end… THAT’S how you win hockey games when things tighten up come playoff time. A two-time Stanley Cup champion like Muzzin would know this, let’s just hope that his words resonate with his new teammates in Toronto.