Nashville Predators admit they did a huge mistake!


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Coming into this season, Las Vegas had the Nashville Predators as one of the favorite to win the Stanley Cup and for good reasons. They are one of the most skilled, well-balanced team in the league. The acquisition of PK Subban last July was just icing on the cake for the Country Music Capital, maybe was it too much sweets?

The Nashville Predators are the worst team in the Central Division right now showing a 3-5-3 record and just lost two games against the Coyotes and the Hurricanes, first-overall-pick contender. 

Colin Wilson points out the mistake his team made coming into the season :  "I think we took it for granted that we knew coming into the season we had a lot of talent,". Then, he added: "Since I've been here, the reason why we always win games is the way that we worked. I think we've just gotten away from that, thinking we're going to win based on talent.".

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