Nashville's public administration reacts to game 3 overcrowding.

Success is never a negative outcome.

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Game 3 was pure craziness in Nashville. There were just a unique atmosphere all across the city that was carried all the way to the ice, for a 5-1 victory for the Preds. We read a lot about how the game unfolded, but except for those who were physically there, little was said about the huge crowd that was present outside the arena and across the city. Images spoke for themselves though, the city was just PACKED. 

A notable setback was when the Bridgestone Arena Plaza had to be evacuated so the security perimeter could be made a bit smaller. So many people showed up to the show downtown and in the plaza that all the plans were scraped and ajustments were made. For example, Broadway was packed beyond capacity and the sidewalks were just a mass of humans. Something had to be made and Mayor Barry reacted.

"Predicting fan response to something we have never done is the wild card. Our thanks to the many fans who came out and for the most part were patient and well behaved." It's actually true, the Nashville crowd was close to perfect with only 11 arrests made on Saturday. 

The city will review its procedure, most notably the plaza configuration and how the security is set up on Broadway. Be on the lookout for these changes today if you plan on going to the game tonight!