NBC in hot water as Bruins fans harass Leafs fan for his “abnormally large head”

Down in front!

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The feud is not only happening on the ice: fans of the Boston Bruins and the Toronto Maple Leafs are also at each others’ throat as the last game of the first round series is just around the corner. 

A funny yet intense incident took place during the sixth game of the series as Bruins fans are upset over the quality of the TV broadcast they received in the final minutes of the contest. CBC reported earlier today that a Leafs fan was harassed when NBC showed the back of his head during a long part of the broadcast. 

Scott whose head obscured key moments Sunday’s Game 6 against the Bruins says he didn’t know he was blocking the action for thousands of U.S. viewers who were watching the contest on NBC

His last name has not been revealed he who wants to remain under the radar. 

“I didn’t know that my head was in the middle of the TV,” Scott said. “The guy next to me is standing too but he’s a full foot shorter than me and you’d have no idea.”

While NBC explained the glitch to the Boston Globe, saying that technical difficulties forced the network to switch to a replacement camera during the third period, Bruins fans still got mad at the fans’ head and at NBC. 

As for tonight’s game, Scott admitted he and his big head will be watching the game… at home.