New video in Matthews case reveals more shocking details of allegations

This just keeps getting weirder and weirder...


A body cam video of a police interview with the security guard pressing charges against Toronto Maple Leafs’ Auston Matthews was published by Arizona’s 12 News on Wednesday.

As you know by now with the news buzzing around the National Hockey League, the woman, 33-year-old Fayola Dozithee, is pressing charges against Matthews for disorderly conduct stemming from a May incident in his hometown of Scottsdale, Arizona.

According to the police report, Matthews, who appeared intoxicated, was outside his condo complex with some friends at approximately 2 a.m. when he attempted to open the security guard’s car and sit down inside as she was doing paperwork. 

After she exited the car, Matthews dropped his pants and grabbed his buttocks as he walked away. His underwear appeared to stay on.

“They were drunk out their frickin’ minds but I asked them to leave me the hell alone,” Dozithee said during an interview that lasted approximately 30 minutes.

You can get full details of the incident from the body cam interview, though the audio often cuts in and out.

“You do not approach a female at 2 a.m. in the morning thinking it’s funny to see how she would react to get in her car. There’s three of you, there’s one of me. You could’ve done anything to me and I was at a disadvantage because of that,” Dozithee said.

Dozithee also warned them that they were being filmed by the security cameras from the building, but it didn’t stop Matthews’ friend to try to persuade the security guard not to tell property management what had happened. The friend went on to admit that the group was “really fucked up” and that Matthews had been doing that up and down Scottsdale Road earlier in the night. Once again this is all in Dozithee’s account. 

She revealed in the footage that she would not have decided to press charges if Matthews’ father, when told by the condo manager of the building about what happened, hadn’t claimed his son had done nothing and that Dozithee’s account was untrue.

After property management sent him the security footage, Matthews’ father apparently didn’t respond. She went on to press charges “because this resident has been an issue for us anyway,” according to the security guard.

“The fact that you’re denying it and your pompous dad is acting like you’re practically Jesus and you’d never do such a thing. He had no response after they sent him footage. He didn’t have nothing to say,” Dozithee said. 

The police officer said Matthews did nothing to warrant any charges other than those eventually pressed.

“Most of everything that you’re telling me is a crime, as far as disorderly conduct, because it seriously disrupted your peace, your way of working,” he said, adding that Matthews would likely not be charged with sexual indecency if he did not expose his genitals or his anus. 

Matthews made a very short statement of regret on Wednesday. After getting all of this information, we believe a better apology was needed… 

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