New Wild GM give coach Boudreau weird vote of confidence

Will Boudreau be the first coach without a job this season?

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It feels like the Minnesota Wild isn’t aware that the 2019-20 season has started already… 

The Wild was dealt its fifth loss of the season on Tuesday, at the hands of the Toronto Maple Leafs, which is starting to get people thinking that a change could be coming soon to the team. A change behind the bench... 

However, new general manager Bill Guerin is not looking to press the panic button just yet. He had a chat with Pierre LeBrun on Tuesday ahead of the game against the Leafs, and here is what the insider revealed later that night on TSN’s Insider Trading. 

“The patience level’s pretty high with new GM Bill Guerin. It’s already led to some speculation, obviously, [about] Bruce Boudreau’s future and it makes sense. I mean, he’s a coach that’s been inherited by a new GM. He’s been there awhile. His contract as a coach is done at the end of the year. He has a couple of years tacked onto that as a consultant, but the guy wants to coach. So, all of the elements are there where you understand the speculation. But, in speaking with Bill Guerin on Tuesday, he said, listen, I respect Bruce Boudreau. I’m going to be patient here. When he says patient, he means not just with him but with the entire roster before he starts making big changes. To me, I don’t see anything happening there imminently in terms of the head coach.”

We have no clue how much patience Guerin will have, however, it feels that for now, he will focus on the team and staff he has to get better. 

Do you believe the Wild just get started on a search for a new head coach?