NHL coach destroys his own goalie: “Make a [expletive] save”

He held nothing back.

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A National Hockey League head coach has just burred his own goalie.

Carolina Hurricanes head coach Bill Peters pulled absolutely no punches this week when he was asked about the performance of goaltender Eddie Lack, a performance that Peters clearly feels is rather terrible.

From the Raleigh News and Observer:

“Well, you’ve got to push,” Peters said. “One guy has played 10 games. Eddie has played 10 games and was poor in his last outing, let’s not kid ourselves, right? There were 16 shots, four went in. Not good enough. You look at his numbers in the league, they’re not good enough.

“So I don’t think it’s much of a competition. We’ve got a guy who’s well ahead of the other guy. That’s what I see and the numbers back that up.

“So when he gets in another game, you better play. You better earn some respect from your teammates. Your teammates are out there working their bag off. You better get some saves and a timely save at the right time wouldn’t hurt.

“That’s a little bit honest, eh? I just looked it up. You look up any goalie who has played 10 games in the National Hockey League and the top 60 in save percentage, I know who’s 60. There’s 30 teams. Not good enough.”

They are extremely harsh comments from Peters, but there's also no disputing that Lack has simply not been good enough to warrant a spot on an NHL roster. It was his final comments however that truly demonstrated just how unhappy he was with his goalie.

"Make a [expletive] save," he added at the end of the media scrum while glancing at Lack's locker.