NHL coach suggests what the Habs should do with Carey Price!

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Plenty of players have been struggling in Montreal so far this season and star goaltender Carey Price is no exception.

With a 3-6-1 record and a 3.64 GAA along with a .883 save percentage, it is safe to assume that it's been one of the worst start of his career.

What should the Habs do to get him going and help him find his groove again? An NHL coach had a suggestion of his own for Sportsnet reporter Elliotte Friedman who published it in his most recent 31 Thoughts.

''One coach (not affiliated with either Montreal or New York) had a suggestion for the Canadiens about Carey Price. He pointed back to last season, when the Rangers gave Antti Raanta four straight starts in December as Henrik Lundqvist struggled.
“In the media, you all wondered if Lundqvist was losing his job,” he said. “But he was getting his work done in practice. Sometimes, that’s what you need.”
Lundqvist came back strong with a shutout when he got back in the net. The whole season was a battle for him, but he fought through and led the Rangers past Montreal in the playoffs.
“The other thing it does,” he continued, “is give the team something to look forward to. They see Price or Lundqvist working in practice and feel, ‘He’s really going to help us when gets back to his level.’”
Al Montoya was in net as Montreal rampaged Ottawa, and the Canadiens don’t play again until Thursday in Minnesota.''

Should Claude Julien try this approach with his goaltender too?