NHL GM absolutely destroys his players during difficult press conference.

You rarely here a GM slam his players this bad.

NHL GM absolutely destroys his players during difficult press conference.

On Wednesday the St. Louis Blues announced that they had fired head coach Ken Hitchcock, and while the decision clearly had to go through the office of St. Louis Blues general manager Doug Armstrong, it was clear he wasn't the least bit happy about having to let Hitchcock go.

Not only did Armstrong get emotional to the point of having tears in his eyes, but he unleashed one of the most memorable verbal lashings in recent memory and directed it squarely at the players of his organization.

Armstrong never one to make himself the center of attention didn't need any curse words, didn't need to raise his voice or dramatically express his anger, he merely pointed out that the only man destined for the Hall-of-Fame in the Blues locker room was no longer in the Blues locker room.


“It’s a losing brand of hockey and Ken is paying the price for it," said Armstrong as per the Toronto Sun. "He is not here anymore, but there is one guy in that room, or one former guy in that room, that I think is going to the Hall of Fame and that is Ken Hitchcock.”

He also went out of his way to deliver a not so subtle threat to the players who were behaving as individuals within his organization.

“We’ve let our group become independent contractors,” he said as per NBC Sports. “One of the things I’ve learned about being around St. Louis is the Cardinals. They don’t have independent contractors. When they do, they get rid of them.”