NHL GM admits he's looking to add two players.

Open conversation with an NHL GM.

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Half way through the season National Hockey League general manager Marc Bergevin has one of the NHL's best teams but that doesn't mean he's satisfied with the current state of his squad.

In a recent interview on Montreal's TSN 690 radio the Habs general manager openly admitted that he would like to add two players to his roster, although of course to avoid any accusations of tampering he never mentioned names.

First Bergevin commented on adding a quality centerman:

“I think you look around the league, there’s only a few teams that don’t need centermen,” said Bergevin as per Nichols on Hockey. “I would say 80 percent of the teams would love to get another centerman… they’re not available. If they ever are, there’s a reason why they are. They’re either at the end of their rope, or the money doesn’t work. But you don’t see centermen moving, that’s one."

Bergevin also admitted that an offensive-minded defenseman is something he feels he would like to add.

“To me, I always said you never have enough defensemen. So if we could get a puck-moving defenseman, I think it’d be something that we all want to do."