NHL insider leaks jersey design and colors for new Seattle expansion team!

Well… that didn’t take long!

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Earlier today NHL commissioner Gary Bettman finally made official what many around the hockey world have assumed for months now: Seattle is officially an NHL city.

Seattle’s Oak View Group had their bid for a 32nd NHL franchise officially accepted by the NHL’s board of governors this morning during a meeting in Sea Island, Georgia.

The team will hit the ice at the renovated Key Arena in downtown Seattle for the 2021-22 season, one season after the expansion group was aiming for. Whether this is because of arena construction concerns, or concerns around a 2020 NHL lockout is not known yet. 

There’s obviously still a TON of work for Seattle to do before they hit the ice in 2021 like name a general manager, create a name, logo and jersey and… well draft a team. Now… about that jersey…

According to NHL insider David Pagnotta of The Fourth Period, Seattle’s home jersey will look “extremely similar” to a jersey worn by a young fan who was onstage with Bettman during this afternoon’s announcement.

Check it out:

Pay close attention to this jersey’s colour scheme. Told this will be extremely similar to what Seattle’s home jersey will look like and team colours will be.

Here’s a better look:

Sportsnet’s Irffan Gaffar, a Vancouver Canucks reporter, has also confirmed Pagnotta’s statement:

Hearing the same from here in Seattle.

Man… if this is true… what a let down. The NHL doesn’t need any red and black jerseys. What it needs is some green! Seattle is the Emerald City and the NHL is desperate for another team to use green as its primary color. If, in fact, the team goes with red and black as its color scheme… let’s just say it’ll be a massive disappointment.