NHL Legend calls out Alex Ovechkin, says league needs to do something.

A huge name gets involved.

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A huge name in the National Hockey League has just tossed his opinion into the ring and it could be bad news for Washington Capitals captain Alexander Ovechkin.

NHL legend Paul Coffey was a guest on The Starting Lineup on Sportsnet 590 The Fan Tuesday, and he made it quite clear that he felt the slash delivered by Alexander Ovechkin to the back of Sidney Crosby did not sit well with him.

“The thing everybody’s overlooking—and we’ll never, never know because Sid got hit twice—is the two-hander he took to the back of the neck and the head by Ovechkin,” said Coffey.

“When Crosby was falling down, that could’ve been the initial blow that hurt him. Nobody knows, and nobody’s talking about that. That was a brutal two-hander by Ovechkin to Crosby when he was going to the net.”

Coffey also stated that he felt the league should not suspend Matt Niskanen for the incident as his gesture was a reactionary one in his opinion. That being said, he believes the league has a duty to step in and review the slash from Ovechkin.

"The Niskanen thing—they're calling it a hockey play—I get that. It was a reaction. I don't think he meant to. Sid kinda fell into him. The big thing the league needs to look at is the Ovechkin thing," said Coffey, a Hall of Famer who still roots for the Penguins.

If you somehow missed it, here's a look at the incident once again.