NHL Legend Don Cherry shares his own thoughts on players who sit for the anthem.

Don Cherry chimes in on the controversy.

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The national anthem controversy has spilled over from the National Football League into other North American pro sports and with several National Hockey League figures already sharing their thoughts, the always blunt Don Cherry decided to throw his two cents into the mix.

The NHL legend focused on coming to the defense of NHL head coach John Tortorella who has received a great deal of criticism for his comments on the entire fiasco, although to be fair Tortorella has also received support for his stance including his own players saying they have no issue with it.

Cherry like many who are close to hockey know that the military is deeply ingrained n Tortorella's family, especially when you consider the fact that his son is actively in the military.

John's whole family, including his son who is in the service, loves USA and feels that the anthem should be honoured. God bless them.

Cherry did also touch on a personal anecdote where a Leafs coach had refused to stand for the anthem, but he didn't name him, pointing instead to Tortorella who was also at the game honoring the soldiers who were in attendance that night, something Cherry clearly approved of.