NHL officially owns up and apologizes for blown call in Sharks/Knights Game 7

It’s not everyday you see the NHL own up to its mistakes… even though realistically it should be everyday.

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We’re more than 24 hours since the Vegas Golden Knights’ season came to an end at the hands of the San Jose Sharks in Game 7, but Knights players, staff and fans are still irate with the circumstances surrounding their defeat.

If you somehow managed to miss Tuesday night’s controversial finish to Game 7… well you missed a doozy. 

With the Knights up 3-0 with just over half a period left in the game, Sharks captain Joe Pavelski took a cross check from Cody Eakin, sending him sprawling to the ice awkwardly and splitting his head wide open.

Here’s the play in question:

Eakin would be assess a five minute major penalty and a game misconduct for his cross check on Pavelski, but it’s clear from the replay that Pavelski’s injury was not a result of Eakin’s cross check, but rather a result of him falling awkwardly and crashing his head on the ice. A five minute major, Knights fans argue, is excessive and ultimately tipped the game in the Sharks’ favor unfairly.

From there the Sharks would go on to score four… yes FOUR… goals on a five minute power play to take the lead, only to have Vegas forward Jonathan Marchessault tie the game up in the final minute of regulation.

In overtime though, it was the Sharks who came out on top:

Marchessault went OFF on the NHL following the game in an F bomb laced tirade that’s sure to earn him a fine from the league.

Check it out:

Now, a day later Vegas general manager George McPhee has confirmed that the league has actually come out to apologize to him personally for the blown call in Game 7.

Wow… how often do you see something like that? The league almost NEVER admits to mistakes, especially when it comes to its officiating. Maybe this is a step in the right direction? Then again, an apology is of little solace to Knights fans.