NHL officials left shaking their heads at John Tortorella's behavior today.

Tortorella again drawing attention to himself for all the wrong reasons.

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Head coach John Tortorella has made a career out of being a loud and often controversial figure in the National Hockey League, but even NHL officials were left shaking their heads today as a result of his behavior.

With Team Canada having a workout scheduled at 10 a.m, head coach Mike Babcock was sent to meet the media following that work out, while Tortorella was scheduled to do the same after Team USA's 11 a.m workout, however that's not how it went down at all.

From Postmedia's Mike Zeisberger:

John Tortorella just couldn’t wait.

As such, the U.S. coach arrived early and did his interviews from one of the secondary pods in the media room instead of on the podium, which was reserved for Babcock. He simply didn’t have the patience to wait for the interview time that had been set aside for him.

According to Zeisberger this caused the NHL officials on hand to literally shake their heads at his behavior, as Tortorella once again made himself incredibly difficult to deal with seemingly for no reason.

One could argue it may have been an attempt to play mind games with Team Canada's head coach, but Mike Babcock hardly seems like the kind of man who would be phased by such a tactic. Maybe it was just Tortorella being Tortorella.