NHL releases preview of what arenas will look like when games resume!

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It has been a busy time in Toronto and Edmonton, the two hub cities chosen by the National Hockey League to hold the 24-team playoff tournament in just over a week. 

The NHL gave a detailed description of what life in the hub cities under the Return to Play Plan will be like to players, coaches and team executives in an hourlong virtual presentation Thursday. The league even revealed a a rendering of what the arena will look like during the NHL restart.

“The league is promising a unique look and feel to every game played, including the local goal horns and songs of each team participating,” explained Sportsnet’s reporter Chris Johnston. 

Regarding game presentation, the NHL is making it a priority to cater to the television audience because there will not be fans in either arena. The League is using video, audio and lighting that will allow every game to look different from the previous game. There will be LED screens, monitors and stages around the ice to create the unique television-friendly look.

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