NHL rookie card sells for over $200,000 at auction.

Details inside.

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You're probably kicking yourself if you've seen one of these or, even worse, remember having one of them in your possession during your younger days. 

According to a report from TSN business insider Rick Westhead, a recent auction has just seen a small piece of hockey memorabilia sell for a price that could have realistically been used to purchase a home instead. Westhead reports that the auction was for a 1966 rookie card featuring National Hockey League legend Bobby Orr of the Boston Bruins and that the card sold for an absolutely stunning $204,020.40. It's a crazy amount of money to cough up for what at the end of the day is a relatively small piece of paper. 

The reason that this particular card is of such a stunning value is due to the fact that not only is it a rookie card featuring Bobby ORr, but it is also what is known as a "TEST" card. Additionally the card is graded in mint condition making it extremely rare indeed but even then that kind of money for a card will likely seem shocking to most casual observers. 

That being said this card comes nowhere near setting the record for the sale of a hockey card. Back in 2016 there was a rookie card featuring none other than the "Great One," number 99 Wayne Gretzky that was sold at auction and that card set the record at an insane $465,000.

No word on who it was that sold the card auctioned off this week or who the purchaser of said card was but no doubt the person receiving over $200,000 in US Dollars feels pretty good about his long term investment. No doubt back in 1966 the cost of such a card was measure in cents, making it one of the best long term investments that one could possibly have made during that time span.