NHL star's sister selfie has lots of people talking.

Woah there Anna, woahhh.

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Nowadays, it seems like everyone is on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to make a name for themselves. Sometimes it backfires, but some stars were born simply for what they posted on the web. Yep, welcome to 2017. 

Anyhow, today Alex Galchenyuk's sister posted this picture online and it has a lot of people talking. 

Granted it's not hockey related, but players' family are now in the public spotlight. Players get traded or even sent back to the minors for what their girlfriend wrote on the web. In this instance, the health of Anna Galchenyuk is the issue. Many state she's too thin and looks tired beyond recovery. Maybe she's living too wild of a lifestyle? It could have a link to Alex's performance, as he was pretty inconsistent this year.