NHL star unveils his very own candy bar!

NHL star launches his own chocolate bar.

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National Hockey League star defenseman Kris Letang is reportedly in love with chocolate, so much so in fact that there are rumors he downs two peanut butter cups before every game.

On Wednesday Kris Letang took his love of chocolate when he launched his very own candy bar, yes really, a new treat that will be available to consumers at Giant Eagle and Get Go locations.

The candy bar which will be a combination of milk chocolate, peanut butter, crisp rice and pretzel is simply being branded as Letang #58. While it's not the most creative name in the world, it's a smart move for Letang to try and capitalize on his branding in the hopes of having a successful launch.

If any of our readers manage to get their hands on these let us know what you think of the product!