NHL stars getting their feet wet in hockey politics.

USA hockey is in trouble now.

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Hockey in the Olympics is a hot topic nowadays, with the NHL not sure about if they will send the boy's to play in Pyeongchang. 

An another controversial conversation has arisen yesterday, when leaders of the Women hockey team asked for a ''decent wage'' to play their sport. If they're not paid enough to live of the sport exclusively, they plan on boycotting the next Olympics, simple as that. 

“We are asking for a living wage and for USA Hockey to fully support its programs for women and girls and stop treating us like an afterthought,” team captain Meghan Duggan said in a statement. “We have represented our country with dignity and deserve to be treated with fairness and respect.”

Today, Kevin Shattenkirk, John Carlson and Brooks Orpik took a strong stance in supporting these women fighting for fairness in the sport, in statements made to ESPN.

"They do a lot and I know a lot of them have families and other responsibilities so I'm sure that can be a burden and time-consuming," Shattenkirk said. "For them it definitely seems like a valid argument." 

The other players went in the same direction, pushing the need to better pay. This new element will put a lot of pressure on those in power. On the one hand, the Olympics have been created as an amateur event isolated from the commercial need to profit. On the other hand, masculine pro players in many sports, such as soccer, hockey or basketball, get paid huge amounts to play their sports, Olympics or not. 

We will follow this issue closely, as it could have repercussion throughout the league.