NHL superstar admits injury still bothers him, explains team struggles.

He thought he was back 100%, but he was not.

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Getting to the NHL is a feat in itself, but playing consistently at the highest level and carrying your team through thick and thin requires a clear mind and a healthy body. 

Captain Claude Giroux was injured last year and had to undergo surgery to repair an abdominal tear and a hip issue. He was back ''a 100%'', as per his own account, during this year's preseason camp and many thought his injuries were a thing of the past. However, his performances have been lukewarm this year, with a modest 14 goals in 71 games so far. Sure, he played well, but not THAT well. We came to expect greatness out of him. 

Apparently, he can't be as good as he used to be because he's restricted in his play. 

"When you try to make plays you used to make and can't really make them, it is frustrating and confusing. When you start getting the confidence back, you know you can make those plays you just go out there and make it happen. I think when you don't think about that kind of stuff, you go out and play the game, but when it is in the back of your mind and you are really not thinking about the game and mostly thinking about your hip or whatever, I think it is important to kind of focus on the right things. Even if you don't feel good out there, you have to find the right way to be strong mentally."

He opened up about his health status in a pretty good report of 

The Flyers will probably miss the playoffs this year and his performance was a part of the reason why. Hopefully, he will comeback being truly healed next year and the Flyers can rejoin the elite of the NHL.