NHL team president is asked about the future of his coach, admits he will look at his options.

One NHL head coach may soon be out of a job.

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There has been a lot of talk around head coach Willie Desjardins of the Vancouver Canucks, specifically as it pertains to his development of young players as well as his future behind the bench of that team as a result.

On Tuesday Vancouver Canucks team president Trevor Linden gave a radio interview after the latest controversy involving Desjardins and recently acquired forward Nikolay Goldobin. Linden was asked point blank if his head coach would be back next season, and the answer he gave was not one that should inspire confidence in Willie Desjardins.

“I think we’re going to take our time and look at our options at the end of the season,” said Linden as per NBC Sports.

While they were never anything more than rumors, the rumblings around the Claude Julien hire in Montreal suggested that the Canucks were in the mix for, or at the very least interested in, Julien. If true this would further indicate that Linden doesn't feel Desjardins is the man for the job, although that may be tempered by who he can find to replace Desjardins should he severe that relationship.

While Desjardins is certainly the man many are looking to as the obvious scapegoat, Linden himself may be looking at the broader organizatiol picture.

“I’ll have to do a full assessment of our organization, as I always do, and we’ll move forward from that point.”