NHL team schedules May 15 training camp ahead of season restart

And the re-opening of the NHL begins!

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According to a report from Larry Brooks of The New York Post, "at least one NHL team" is planning to have its players report on May 15th to begin informal workouts and ultimately conduct a makeshift training camp.

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The Post has learned that at least one NHL team has told its players to be prepared to report on May 15 to begin informal workouts that would precede a training camp of up to three weeks. Not all teams have acted in a similar manner.
Players — or teams — would presumably be isolated beginning with the report date. That might mean sequestration for a duration of up to four months if the NHL completes the 189 outstanding games remaining in the regular season ahead of holding a traditional Stanley Cup playoffs.


Just yesterday, Fox Sports reporter Andy Slater dropped a bit of a bomb when he reported that NHL executives are discussing the possibility of resuming the 2019-20 NHL season in July.

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Now, NHL insider David Pagnotta, citing “well-placed league sources”, is reporting the NHL’s plan is to allow players and select staff to return to their arenas and hold training camps at some point in June, with the regular-season continuing in July, followed by the start of playoffs.

“The goal, of at least both those leagues, is to finish this season in some way, shape or form. A lot of different ways to do that,” said Caldwell following yesterday’s call. “The latest that’s being discussed – and again, this is not finalized, I think the direction that both leagues are going, and things that I’m hearing – is resuming play some time this summer.”

“At least from the NHL, we’re trying to target some time in July. And when we feel that players are safe and we have enough testing and have enough ways to get back on the ice, it’s probably going to be contained at playing in four or five neutral sites.”

“When we are able to come out from the quarantine period, players are going to need time to work out,” Caldwell said.

It’s expected that teams will conduct mini-training camps in June with the balance of the regular season and the Stanley Cup Playoffs to be held in July. It’s unclear at this point where games would be played, but ESPN’s Emily Kaplan is reporting that Raleigh, Minnesota and Edmonton are all in consideration.

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Stay tuned, hockey fans. It feels and sounds like we’re on the verge of some kind of official announcement from the league.