NHL training camps getting pushed back?!

Another hurdle in the NHL’s return to play plan…

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NHL players had to travel to Canada before Thursday to respect the 14-day federal quarantine directive, as it still applies. Yesterday was the last possible day for players to arrive back in their Canadian city of play to participate in the planned* first day of training camp on July 10.

However, TSN’s Pierre LeBrun mentioned that the opening date of teams’ training camps across the league might get pushed back. It was first announced by the NHL that Phase 3 would kick off on July 10, however, LeBrun reports that lots of people wondering about the opening of camps maybe being pushed back.

While it could happen, the insider did have some good news: 

“Sources say that date as of now remains. And while it is possible it eventually gets pushed back, sense is it would be matter of days only. That it wouldn’t really affect overall time table.”

It remains to be seen when players out of Canada, joining the Vancouver Canucks, Calgary Flames, Edmonton Oilers, Winnipeg Jets, Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadiens will enter the country. While the NHL and NHLPA are still negotiating, and some say speaking with the Canadian government, players need to make their way back as soon as possible. 

It would be crazy for the Habs, for example, to be missing goalie Carey Price when they most need him.