No hockey before 2021?!

​This professional’s opinion is giving us nightmares!

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On Tuesday, Darren Dreger announced on the latest edition of Insider Trading on TSN that the NHL was now aiming for late May to kick off Phase 2 in the plan for play to resume this summer.

While this means another setback in the return of hockey in our lives, we were panicking. Yet. 

But then, New Jersey Devils’ main scout Pierre Mondou revealed on TVA Sports that he has doubt sports will return in 2020 and even dares to say the NHL could only get resumed in January 2021. This is what he had to say to Dave Morrissette, translated from French. 

“For junior hockey, I don't know how we could get action to resume before January. And I would say almost the same for the NHL. The only thing that works in the favour of [NHL commissioner Gary] Bettman is that he can afford to play behind closed doors. But this is not the case for the other leagues. I expect a very tranquil autumn.”

Are you panicking yet?