Oddsmakers drastically alter their predictions for the Oilers this season!

This is crazy!

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What a difference a few games can make.

After being a team that has received no respect from fans and oddsmakers alike, things have made a drastic change to the better for the Edmonton Oilers. In fact according to a report from TSN's Matthew Iwanyk the change is so drastic some might find it hard to believe.

According to Bodog, Las Vegas oddsmakers now have the Edmoton Oilers as the second highest ranked favorite to win it all this season, that's right only the Pittsburgh Penguins have better odds to win the Stanley Cup and not by much. The Penguins are currently 9:1 to win the Cup while the Oilers are just slightly behind at 10:1.

It's an almost unbelievable change for a team that have been perenial bottom feeders, but it's one fans in Edmonton will certainly welcome, and it will make it interesting to see how the Oilers play now as the favorites, rather than as the underdogs.