Oddsmakers reveal their rankings for the World Cup of hockey.

Oddsmakers rank their favorites to win the tournament.

Oddsmakers reveal their rankings for the World Cup of hockey.

The World Cup of hockey is getting closer and closer and on Monday oddsmakers released their betting lines for the tournament.

Even if you're not someone who bets on games as I imagine the majority of our readers are not, the odds always provide a very interesting perspective on how the teams are perceived by the people who's job it is to get these things dead on the money.

The big take away from this most recent release is the fact that the two "gimmick" teams, that is to say the under 23 Team North America and Team Europe are getting very little respect with both of them being ranked in the bottom three. 


While you will likely see some variance when it comes to these lines from place to place these are the rankings published on Monday by Bovada:

The favorites for the World Cup of Hockey in order

Canada                         10/11

Russia                          9/2

Sweden                        5/1

USA                             13/2

Finland                         14/1

North America U23        16/1

Czech Republic             22/1

Team Europe                33/1