Oilers finally explain why they didn’t pay outstanding bills to Dallas Hotel

Sounds fishy… still!

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The Edmonton Oilers are reportedly being sued by Dallas hotel Crescent Hotel Court for bouncing a $28,000 cheque in December of 2019 and then for reportedly not paying a $27,000 bill from March, 2020. TSN’s Rick Westhead reports on the matter and provides proof from Dallas County court.

When the reports when made public, the Oilers needed to come out with an explanation to why they did not manage to pay the bill. At first, Oilers Senior Vice President Tim Shipton responded to the news saying, “We have the same challenges as every business navigating through the … global pandemic. We are working diligently through our business operations & attending to outstanding issues from the unexpected stoppage of last season.”

Finally, the team revealed through the Edmonton Journal that the hotel bill was an accounting glitch. 

“The Oilers say they weren’t trying to skip out on the charges and there is no dispute over them. They say the issue is the result of an embarrassing accounting glitch that was further compounded by a timeline miscommunication. They plan on paying the bills and having the entire issue resolved in the next couple of days.” - Per the Edmonton Journal 

The Oilers have been heavily criticized ever since the news came out, seeing that their owner Daryl Katz is worth over $3.5 billion. He can cut a couple $30k checks just as easily as he can pick up a bar tab. This should not be an issue.

While the team assures the issue will be resolved in the coming days, it remains quite embarrassing to them to be caught red handed in this situation… 

Let’s hope they get their accounting together and aren’t caught in a similar situation next season.