Oilers force to push veteran player out the door in urgent trade!

They have no other choice.

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We still have no clue when NHL action will kick back up, but you have to imagine that the current shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic will have a huge negative impact of the salary cap for the following season. 

That’s why Edmonton Oilers insider Mark Spector predicts that the team will be forced to make a tough choice in order  to make cap space and room on the third-pairing for a younger player. 

Spector believes the Oilers will end up trading away a veteran player like Kris Russell or Matt Benning. 

It is no secret general manager Ken Holland will have to find a way to respect the salary cap, no matter how low it gets due to this historic season that we still don’t know if it will get completed. 

Whenever deals come to an end on July 1st, the Oilers will have 10 forwards, five defensemen and a goalie under contract. Edmonton will be spending over $71 M with very little money perhaps to sign seven other players to respect the 23 players each team needs to have under contract.